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拥有10余年的互联网技术研发及团队管理经验,是国内同时具备网站技术研发、网络团队管理、 网络营销策划及培训等综合能力复合型专家。



2010年 团购模式系统策划设计
2012年 P2P互联网金融产品策划设计、众筹模式产品策划设计
2013年 城市O2O模式系统策划设计
2014年 东风日产互联网营销供应商;北京海底捞、大连獐子岛、内蒙古澳纯、吉林广泽、吉林金士百、吉林阿满食品、瑞士罗技互联网商业模式创新策划方案
2015年 为国内某上市公司深度服务,商业模式创新、经营模式创新、营销模式创新三大创新方向策划总控
2016年 内容付费模式产品系统策划设计
2017年 主持“艺人邦”项目资本规划,徐小平天使投资,兴业资本控股企业投资,挂任联合创始人副总裁职务
















About David

Hi, I’m David Wey.

Online Marketing Package

Social Media website and a successful web 2.0 campaign help Obama win U.S presidency; Big corporate like Coca Cola, Apple, Toyota etc spend millions of dollars collecting intelligence(user’s perception of the brand and its competitors) on Forum, blog, social networking site, customer review site to develop their marketing strategies; Both international and domestic buyers use internet find suppliers, they use B2B website like, they use search engine too, that is why search engine marketing is so important.

Our China Online Marketing Solution Includes:
Website localization and development
We will make a comprehensive research of the key words(with methods like PPC AD testing, Competitive websites analysis, and typical keywords research tools), then our professional translator will work together with SEO expert to translate your websites, which not only attract your target visitors, but also perform well on search engine ranking results.
PPC campaign management(Baidu Bidding and 360 Adwords)
We have solid experience and knowledge of managing PPC campaign on both Baidu and 360.ins. We will help to set up Baidu bidding account and 360 Adwords; key word research; setting up campaign; adjust bid according to tracking and statistics; tracking & analytics; weekly account performance report; sales follow up Search engine optimization
First page ranking on both and, we will use 100% white hat optimization skills, we focus on the natural link profile and high quality link.
B2B, B2C and C2C website account management(Ecommerce strategy)
Most buyers will use B2B sites(, etc), B2C and C2C websites to find suppliers. So it is important to build up a presence on the main B2B sites, in some cases, in B2C and C2C websites too. There are both free listing and paid listing. We will recommend a suitable package for your company according to the business scale, objective and nature.
Social Media site marketing
Creating groups and channel on top Chinese video-sharing sites, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, blogs, forums, micro-blogging sites, customer review sites.
Online advertising campaign
We will take care of sponsoring, banner advertising, affiliate marketing.
How to contact me

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